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Updated: Aug 14, 2020


Hi Everyone, 

   I finally got to updating my website. SO much has happened not only in the Music Industry but the world. I don't know where to start but I will say that when so much in the world is changing, we must move to the next level or step, whatever you want to call it. Easier said then done I know but not impossible.

   First I want to express my sadness for the loss of two heroes of mine, Joe Porcaro and Emil Richards. They were very important in my life in many ways. They supported me when I first came in on the studio scene. I will never forget them and I will carry on there spirit of the drum....

     I have not done any recording sessions in a long time but I have moved to recording at home.With the help of some great friends that schooled me in basic engineering and Pro Tools, and a great mic collection courtesy of Beyerdynamics and Electro-Vox I now have recording capability at home. Most of my friends in my inner circle of musicians already know this but I am putting this out to the public now in case there are others who would like my services. You can contact me through this website and submit a Mp3 of the project or tunes you have and we will work out the fee. So far, I have done work for Joe Williams on his new project and also Bill Chaplain and a few others. Its fun. I did a wonderful show with Simon Phillips about a month ago for Carbonite Studios. It was great fun to play live even though we had NO audience. I think you can still see it. Check on Carbonite to see if it is still being shown. I am also working on a new CD. Its full of surprises!More info later......

   I hope everyone gets through these ordeals, Covid, Racism, and ignorance in high places. I miss being on the road!!!! I miss Japan too most of all and all my friends and family everywhere.  Don't know when things will come back and if it does, in what way can this happen again. We will survive, we MUST!I will continue to play and record at home or wherever. I will not forget who I AM too!Be Well, All of you......Much Love!


Thank you to all the people who have sent me emails. If I didn't answer yours, I apologize. I'll try to answer them all. Especially the one about shakers, you know who you are...hahaha

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